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Awning and stack pack

With Lazy-TAC nautical accessories, you can have your awning always ready for use aboard sailboats in no time. In addition, larger and more functional stackpack than traditional ones can also be attached to the rails. Discover all the innovative solutions for your boat or contact us for more information.

They are made to measure in marine fabric and equipped with a luff to be easily inferred in the Lazy-TAC accessories.

For a proper job, we recommend installing Lazy-TAC accessories to the boom before taking precise measurements for fabrics.

detail of stack pack and awning rope welt
Awning and stackpack keder welt detail

nautical upholstery services

modular awning

Light and fast, to be installed on one or both sides of the boom.

A sailboat with modular awning installed on one side of the boom only

entire awning

High and covering, to be installed on one or both sides of the boom.

A sailboat with high, covering awning installed on both sides of boom

spacious sail bag

The sail cover underlaid to Lazy-TAC has a wider base and facilitates the lowering and folding of the mainsail.

Sailboat's crew enjoying the shade under the awning and stack pack installed using Lazy-TAC

modify the existing upholstery

If you have a sail bag or awning that is still in good condition, and you would like to adapt it to Lazy-TAC, no problem: the modification is simple, just divide the upholstery into two flaps and equip them with a relinga rope to infer them into the Lazy-TAC rails.
Fabric modification is a service we offer, if you are interested please contact us for a quote.