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Lazy-TAC Easy TWO: nautical accessory for awnings and stackpack

Lazy-TAC Easy TWO is an ideal nautical accessory for sailboats with furling mainsails and booms free from rigging. This anodized aluminum profile facilitates the placement of awnings and wider mainsail covers, significantly enhancing the sailing experience. Whether you call them auvent de voilierSegelboot-Markise or toldo para velero, learn more about how Lazy-TAC Easy TWO can make your time at sea more enjoyable and hassle-free.

It is a double rail profile for awning and lazybag and attaches to the sides of the boom.
It is made to measure, pre-drilled and anodized to be easily installed and to withstand stress and bad weather over time.

MATERIAL: silver anodized aluminum

*Awnings and stackpacks with an 8 mm diameter luff are recommended.

nautical accessory with a double rail for sailboat boom for awnings and stack packs
Lazy-TAC Easy TWO with terminal dowels to reduce the wear of the inferred tissues

Check that the surfaces of the boom involved in the assembly of the Lazy-TAC Easy TWO profiles are free from obstacles such as screws, eyebolts, recesses, cleats, openings, protrusions or anything else that could prevent the assembly of the profiles themselves.
The information and instructions given are based on our current knowledge and experience and are to be considered purely indicative.

Lazy-TAC Easy TWO installs on aluminum, wood or composite boom.

necessary tools**

  • Screwdriver drill
  • 5 mm drill bit for pre-drilling
  • Tapping drill for M6
  • Tap wrench
  • Cross head screwdriver
  • Thread and pencil
  • Measuring stick


Download the Lazy-TAC Easy TWO installation manual:

**A kit with the necessary tools is available on request