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Lazy-TAC: nautical accessory for awnings and stackpack

Lazy-TAC is the ideal nautical accessory for sailboats with traditional mainsails and booms, such as reef points and mainsail foot bindings. This innovative anodized aluminum profile simplifies the installation of awnings and other nautical accessories, significantly enhancing the sailing experience. Whether you call them auvent de voilier, Segelboot-Markise or toldo para velero, learn more about how Lazy-TAC can make your time at sea more enjoyable and hassle-free.

It is a patented nautical accessory that is fixed to the sides of the boom and has two luffs, one dedicated to the mainsail bag and one to the awning.
The rigging, such as reefing and mainsail clew, pass through special passage channels and do not interfere with the luffs, which are always available to the boat owner.


*Awnings and stackpack with an 8 mm diameter luff are recommended.

See the Lazy-TAC data sheet.

Lazy-TAC sailboat nautical accessory for easy usage of awning and stack pack
Lazy-TAC detail

With Lazy-TAC, the awning can also be fitted when sailing on particularly warm and low-wind days.
Modular awnings or entire awnings can be set up on one side or both, according to needs and the inclination of the sun. The covers can be quickly removed to secure the boat during sudden and increasingly frequent gusts of wind.

The stackpack with Lazy-TAC takes on a wider shape and makes it easier to lower and fold the mainsail. The passage channels for the rigging allow the water to flow out and good ventilation in the bag.
Lazy-TAC is customizable and is simple to install and remove on aluminum, wood or composite booms.

Lazy-TAC is easy to install on aluminum, wooden or composite boom using a practical installation manual.
Don’t worry, we will follow you from the sizing of the profile to its assembly.

See the installation manual and contact us if you need further information.

Lazy-TAC profile installation on boom