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Advantages of Lazy-TAC: Innovative Accessory for Sailboats

Lazy-TAC is an innovative accessory designed to enhance your sailing experience. But what makes Lazy-TAC really special?
Here are 10 reasons to choose Lazy-TAC:

Watch the video dedicated to Lazy-TAC advantages

1. simple awning

Lazy-TAC facilitates and speeds up the placement of the awning.
In fact, Lazy-TAC has a hoisting channel that allows quick and easy assembly of the awning even by one person.

Unlike traditional awnings, the awning inserted to LazyTAC does not involve adjustments of the accessories on the boom, such as lazy-bags, lazy-jacks, reefs earing and the retaining belt of the mainsail clew.

A man is setting up an awning on Lazy-TAC

traditional awning

Traditional awning assembly phases on a sailboat equipped with lazy jack and lazy bag

Let go lazy-jacks and pick them towards the bow before placing the awning. During disassembly, lazy-jacks must be adjusted and re-tensioned to support the lazy-bag and the mainsail.


lazy-tac awning

Awning assembly phases with Lazy-TAC on a sailboat equipped with lazy jack and lazy bag

Hoist the awning to Lazy-TAC to position it.
To disassemble the awning just remove it, without further adjustments.

Tendalino inferito su Lazy-TAC con randa dispiegata durante navigazione in  barca a vela

On sunny and not very windy days, thanks to Lazy-TAC it is possible to keep the awning mounted even during motor or mixed mainsail-motor navigation.

Tendalino legato a Lazy-TAC

Lazy-TAC also allows you to fold the awning to the boom to always have it available during the cruise.

Tendalino su Lazy-TAC modulare e combinabile

The awning can be combined according to needs: modular awnings or entire awnings can be installed on one side or both sides of the boom.

Disegno di barca a vela con bimini dotata di Lazy-TAC e di catamarano dotato di Lazy-TAC

Lazy-TAC is also ideal for catamarans and sailboats with bimini. It allows to shade the entire deckhouse using the full length of the boom.

Foto di barca a vela con tendalino lazy bag lazy jack lazy-TAC

2. practical

Lazy-TAC allows easy use of multiple nautical accessories simultaneously, such as awnings, lazy-bags, lazy-jacks, bimini and cockpit lights.

3. compatible

Lazy-TAC has practical passage channels that allow the passage of running rigging around the boom, such as reefs earing, the retaining belt of the mainsail clew and the lazy-jacks.
The custom-made passage channels adapt perfectly to the configuration of each boom.

Foto dettaglio delle fresature di Lazy-TAC per terzaroli randa attorno al boma
Foto di barca a vela con tendalino lazy bag ampio lazy jack lazy-TAC

4. simple mainsail lowering

The lazy-bag hoisted to Lazy-TAC assumes a wider shaped section than those traditionally hoisted along the upper part of the boom. With Lazy-TAC the lowering procedures of the mainsail are simplified, allowing the correct folding of the sail.

The lazy-bag hoisted to Lazy-TAC assumes a wider shaped section than those traditionally hoisted along the upper part of the boom.

The wider base allows maximum exploitation of the boom width and greatly facilitates the accommodation and folding of the mainsail during the lowering phase.

Disegno tecnico confronto tra lazy bag tradizionale e lazy bag con Lazy-TAC
Detail of traditional lazy-bag hoisted to the boom (a), detail of lazy-bag hoisted to Lazy-TAC (b)

5. dry mainsail

The passage channels allow the correct outflow of water, avoiding stagnation and allowing natural ventilation and quick drying of the mainsail..

Foto dettaglio fresatura Lazy-TAC con lazy bag inferito

In presence of particurarly heavy rain, water enters the lazy-bag and can stagnate for a long time between the folds of the mainsail, causing the formation of mold and stains.

With Lazy-TAC the water is free to flow through the passage channels and does not stagnate at the base of the lazy-bag.
Furthermore, the passage channels ensure constant natural ventilation inside the lazy-bag, allowing the water present between the folds of the mainsail to evaporate more easily.

Disegno tecnico con areazione e deflusso acque lazy bag con lazy-TAC
Detail of the ventilation and outflow of the water inside a lazy-bag hoisted to Lazy-TAC
disegno tecnico terminale Lazy-TAC

6. specific measures

Lazy-TAC is supplied ready to meet the needs of each boat, with passage channels and accessories customized for the customer.

7. led lights

It is possible to position one or more watertight LED lights to make the cockpit more livable without risking that the electric power cable can get damaged or become tangled inside the boom with the rigging and tackles of the outhaul and reefing.

Foto di dettaglio canaletta per cavi elettrici lazy-TAC

Lazy-TAC has a inner through hole to accomodate the electric cables of the LED lights.

In this way, the cables are protected and do not get tangled with the rigging inside the boom, such as tackels of the outhaul and reefs earing.

Detail led light
Foto barca a vela con Lazy-TAC lazy bag  lazy jack e tendalino

8. 100% made in italy

Lazy-TAC is designed, manufactured and packaged entirely in Italy with recycled and high quality raw materials.

9. easy to assemble

Lazy-TAC can be easily installed on new and existing booms, whether in aluminum, wood or composite.
The assembly steps are simple and can be consulted in the Lazy-TAC installation guide.

Foto montaggio Lazy-TAC su boma barca a vela
Foto barca a vela con tendalino su Lazy-TAC

10. high mechanical strength

Lazy-TAC is made of anodized aluminum and, compared to plastic profiles, it has greater mechanical strength, which is necessary in the event of sudden gusts of wind with the awning installed, and greater resistance to atmospheric agents.